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I’m a London based barrister specialising in tax law.  I am dual qualified in both the UK and Australia.

Wealth Creation Through Tax Minimisation

UK Australia tax planning 

I have extensive experience advising on the tax aspects of complex international tax matters for both corporate groups and individuals, particularly related to the UK and Australia (and how these jurisdictions interact with the EU and US). This includes:

  • Advising on all taxation issues related to double tax treaties, double tax relief and transfer pricing;
  • Advising individuals on all taxation issues related to domicile and optimising tax planning when moving between jurisdictions;
  • Providing cross border / international tax advice to minimise tax for corporate groups and complex reorganisations;
  • Providing cross border / international tax advice in relation to complex trust structures;
  • Complex advice in relation to superannuation, particularly cross-border superannuation and pension planning.

I undertake litigation and act as an advocate in all stages of investigations / disputes between taxpayers and revenue authorities.

I undertake litigation and give advice in relation to all aspects of UK and Australian taxation.

Our Services

Set up of new businesses

  • Set up of new tax-effective business structures in the UK and Australia;
  • Tax-effective restructuring of business in the UK and Australia;
  • Tax advice on all aspects of cross-border UK / Australia transactions;
  • Structuring to acquire new assets tax effectively.

Moving profits to low tax jurisdictions

  • Management charges to shift profits to low tax jurisdictions;
  • Licensing of intellectual property to shift profits offshore;

Financing of businesses

  • Advice on the optimal amount of tax-deductible debt;
  • Minimising tax on the extraction of profits from a UK or Australian company

Exiting the business

  • Sell a business / company tax free using double tax treaties;
  • Minimise tax on sale when using an earn-out arrangements;
  • Tax-effective valuation / sale of “sweet equity”;
  • Minimisation of tax on migration of assets between the UK and Australia.

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UK Inheritance Tax

  • Planning for tax-free transfer of assets on death;
  • Advice on variation of wills after death to minimise UK inheritance tax;
  • Advice on maintaining a non-UK domicile so offshore assets are free from UK inheritance tax on death.

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Personal Tax

  • Advice on transferring a UK / offshore pension to Australia tax free;
  • Salary packaging to obtain tax free benefits for executives moving between the UK and Australia;
  • Advice to minimised capital gains tax and tax on income while temporarily resident in either the UK or Australia;
  • Tax effective purchase of properties in both the UK and Australia:
    • How best to tax-effectively leverage a property portfolio;
    • How to minimise capital gains tax on sale;
    • How to minimise stamp taxes / stamp duties on purchase of a property.

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I’ve spent over 18 years practising in the area of taxation law.  I started my career working in the corporate / international tax group of Big 4 accounting firms.  I then worked as an in-house counsel for major investment banks and financial institutions in London for over eight years.

I was heavily involved in giving tax advice and undertaking litigation in relation to complex cross-border international transactions.

Articles / Presentations

I give presentations on a regular basis for groups of solicitors and accountants.  My recent presentations include: 

  • HMRC Presentation: Transfer Pricing and Tax Avoidance;
  • The Diverted Profits Tax – Is it compatible with double tax treaties and EU Law (forthcoming, British Tax Review);

Please see the articles / presentations section of my website to download my most recent presentations.

Why me?

I bring the highest level of technical expertise to the work that I do.  I have extensive experience solving difficult tax problems tax problems, and coming up with creative, practical solutions for my clients. 

Taxation law is incredibly complex and ever changing.  It requires someone who is highly qualified with extensive experience to assist you to navigate the minefield that is taxation law.  I strive hard to achieve the best possible tax outcomes for your clients.

Ben Symons accepts instructions from solicitors, accountants as well as taxpayer companies and individuals directly.