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Personal tax

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Benefit to you

Inheritance tax Advice to minimise inheritance tax, including variation to wills
Transferring a UK / offshore pension fund to Australia (or vice versa) Transfer of a UK / offshore pension to Australia tax free
Salary packaging for executives / individuals moving between the UK and Australia Advice to maximise tax benefits from salary packaging and relocating from the UK to Australia (or vice versa)
Temporary residents Tax advice to minimise capital gains tax and income tax on offshore investments while temporarily resident in either the UK or Australia
Taxes on property 

Tax planning advice to: 

·         Leverage up a property portfolio and maximise deductions;
·         Minimise capital gains tax on sale;
·         Minimise stamp duties taxes.

  • Advising various taxpayers on disputes and investigations with HMRC in relation to corporate tax, VAT and excise;
  • Acting as sole counsel in the tax tribunal for taxpayers where a matter proceeds to litigation;
  • Preparation of a complex piece of tax advice covering both the UK and Australia for a hedge fund trading stocks on both the FTSE and the ASX. Tax issues included considering whether the foreign entity would be tax resident in either Australia or the UK, whether it had a permanent establishment in either Australia or the UK and the transfer pricing implications in relation thereto;
  • Tax advice in relation to how distributions from OEIC’s and unit trusts are treated for both UK and Australian taxpayers;
  • Complex tax advice in relation to dividends flowing through offshore trusts to companies in both the UK and Australia;
  • Complex tax advice for deceased estates, particularly where an individual has been moving between two different jurisdictions and minimising inheritance tax;
  • Acting as senior in-house capital markets tax counsel at Blackrock London branch (the world’s largest asset manager) advising on complex securities lending transactions on a worldwide basis (jurisdictions covered: United Kingdom, United States, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, UAE, Singapore, Australia);
  • Acting as head of tax for Unicredit, London branch, a multi-national universal bank (primarily dealing with their structured finance / investment banking tax issues);
  • Acting as senior in-house tax counsel for Northgate Information Systems and undertaking tax planning relating to a complicated double Irish-Dutch sandwich structure.

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